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who are you and how do i contact you ?

my name is chaim bianco. i wrote shot cut and directed this thing. you can email me at: film2@medusa.nulluser.com

what is film number 2 ?

film number 2 is a feature length sci fi crime film -- it's a fast paced, lush nasty profane existentialist ride through an intensely cynical universe. It's a "Crime & Punishment for Dummies", chock full of juice, color, sound, fury, thuglife in scarequotes, hypnotism, astral projection, girly delusions, pianowire torture, corporate bullshit, and an array of doomed wage slaves trying to chew their way out of it all.

where can i see it ?

it's not done.

when will it be released ?

when it's done. right now the film is frozen inside a block of ice .

what stage is it at now ?

the photography is done. the film is at the finecut minus effects stage. since the film is a 2 hour long effects shot, there is a ton of work involviing compositing, roto, scanning, grading, sound, etc.

who is in it ?

the principal actors are jonny spanish, sean miller, julienne hanzelka kim, debbie rochon, stuart rudin, kevin pinassi, tom mccarthy, lee golden, brody stevens, ralph feliciello, bill rayhill, steve lippe, rodney gray, cameron miller, david leopold, mike raphone, and matt walsh. -- supporting actors are emmi chen, yi guo, lisa choi, daphne morales, leo allen, dean galanis, scott johnston, roni koresh, martin knopfman, yaniv, celestine arnold, karin upchurch, ebony williams, kirk morgan, the 3 jens, chrismandu, laura ann roucco, steve bird, galinkski, pete florax, george bush, saddams beard, and an amish pigs head.

will you post a trailer or movie clips ?

right now, trailers and clips are available for prospective investors. when there is a general release date, or if there is some sort of fundraiser sooner than that, then there will be teaser-type material made available.

got any insights on independent film financing ?

as a matter of fact i do:  

(1) "Get two people, and give one of them $100. That person then has to offer some of the money to the second person. If the latter accepts the offer, he keeps the money, and the first person keeps what's left. If, however, he rejects the offer, they have to give all the money back to you and they get nothing. From a purely material point of view, the second person ought to accept an offer of just one cent. After all, if he accepts, he gets one cent. If he rejects it, he gets nothing. However, in practice, the average minimum most people will accept is something between $30 and $40. Anything less than that is deemed insulting, and rather than have, say, $25, they'd rather have nothing and punish the other guy. " [inteldump.com]

(2) "Low probability experimentation is a guaranteed waste -- in order to discover lead generation breakthroughs it is critical to focus on high-probability experimentation. the more sales experience in the team the more chance the experiments are high-probability. and it takes creative (sometimes unconventional) ideas to achieve breakthroughs. i cannot over-emphasize the importance of high-probability experiments. low-probability experiments often means marketing money spent and nothing in return! when an experiment is not designed well or has been proven not to work in the past, the outcome is known to have a zero chance of success in advance." [hackernews]

if i email you a question will you answer it?

yes, i will.